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More about Munich

After walking around Munich, I have found that Manga cultures are still not so big in Germany.
In Paris, there was Otaku shop street (I named the street by myself…) where you can find various kind of J-comics, CDs and costumes, but I could find only 2 J-subculture related shop in Munich, and they are a bit away from the city centre.
(Anyways, both were really nice, and recommend you to visit esp. Neo-Tokyo if you are interested!)
Well, maybe it is different in other big cities, so if you know any information about J-comics/TCG shops in Germany or Europe, please let us know:)

OK, here is more pics of Munich...


In Europe, there is always a street sign like this and you will not get lost easily.
I myself am really bad at the sense of direction (probably the world champion)
and even get lost around my house, but never get lost in Europe.


Whole city is like a picture book world.


Maximillian's statue in front of Residenz.
Famous picture spot, but somehow...


There was a funny bird and a bird keeper.
I don't know why...

Well, after visiting shops and looking for some more stores, I was totally tired and went for a cup tea to most famous cafe in the city (famous for selling hand-made german traditional sweets),



What a shame;( ;(

and the substitute for my exhausted body was Starbucks.
You know, that's the story.


I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves there!

It is actually VERY hard, but I really feel satisfied with being able to come back to my 2nd home.

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