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New title joins AlicexCross next year!

One more day to Comiket 79!!

We might not be able to update this blog for the next 3 days due to the event, but I will do my best to post info on the latest cards at the very least. In the meantime, please refer to each game's site for a sneak peek at the latest updates.

Before I leave for the year, let's take a look at today's offerings. The Weiβ Schwarz card review may look a little confusing, but stare at it long enough and you will get the picture Xp

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
Haruhi: “When it's summer, you must do summer-like things to enjoy summer to the fullest!”
Koizumi: “Charming, isn't it”
“But it feels like there is so much stuff left to do!”
Haruhi: “Yes. There is only 2 weeks left for summer vacation”
Kyon: “That's not a cicada”
Mikuru: “T,thank you... very much”
Mikuru: “Hyaa~~!”
“This is the approximately the 15,532 time”
Endless eight エンドレスエイト from 「涼宮ハルヒの憂欝」
“Look, it's decided!”
Flower viewing Haruhi 涼宮ハルヒ from 「涼宮ハルヒの憂欝」

Mysterious girl, Yashiro Kasumi 社霞 from 「マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ」

★Victory Spark★
“We are already friends, right?”
Aricia アリシア from 「Blue Roses」
“I hate Phantom who killed my parents”
Roche ロシェ from 「Blue Roses」

“I'll blow you away!”
Deadly bullet out of the barrel 不知火匡 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

Oh, I would just like to highlight a new series coming up for AlicexCross:
I have been reading the story since the 1st volume of the manga came out a while back. Was quite surprised when it was adapted into an anime series and now: AlicexCross card game!
Hmmm... I wonder if it will feature the female cast's signature cards as well... Xp

Comiket is almost here!

That's right, 2 more days to Comiket 79!!

Things are pretty hectic now around the office as everone is busy preparing for the Comiket in 2 days, as well as the New Year straight after. As you might know, Japan is very big and some of our colleagues here in the office come from further parts of Japan. This would be a good time to go home and visit some relatives during the long break ahead.

Some companies rest for 2 weeks during the New Year holidays, but our office will probably start work around the 7th of January 2011. of course, 3 more days of holidays after that... XD

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
Girl from a different world, Black★Rock Shooter ブラック★ロックシューター from 「ブラック★ロックシューター」

“Is that all you have to say?”
207B Squad strict sergeant, Jinguuji Marimo 神宮寺まりも from 「マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ」

★Victory Spark★
“Cleo... help me change those parts...”
Beautiful and talented, Sigyn シギュン・エルステル from 「ブレイク ブレイド」
“C,change of clothes?”
Captive Cleo クレオ・サーブラフ from 「ブレイク ブレイド」

“Everything will be fine if you would just come along!”
Toudou Heisuke 藤堂平助 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

Other than AlicexCross, the cards featured today comes from the titles which we will be releasing on Comiket itself. For a list of the products, please click on the link here

Merry Xmas

Kuroda here, hope you are having a lovely Christmas...:)
We are going to have a small(?) party with Bushi-Navi radio members on 25th!!

Well, if you have time during Christmas, there is a good entertainment you can join at warm, sweet home-

Nicovideo Musical "Christmas Carol"

This is an arranged version of world famous Christmas story “Christmas Carol” by Dickens, and our Milky Holmes voice actress Suzuko Mimori plays a role of a grandchild of Scrooge!
(She is originally a stage actress)
You can buy a Nico-Live ticket at 1,000pt(1pt=1JPY), and enjoy the live movie with other audiences’ funny comments ;-)

On Wednesday, I went to see the full-dressed rehearsal in Ginza (The theatre was at the top floor of one of the most popular toy department in Tokyo),
and enjoyed the play a lot!
(sooo funny and a bit? touching)

and on the way back…

Somebody had placed a kitten and her mother on the street sign…
This sign is actually is taller than me(163cm).

Lovely Christmas gift, isn’t it?

Hope these cats went home safely!

Milky Holmes Booster Packs on sale today!!

Yes! The day is finally here! Have you gotten your Milky Holmes booster packs yet??

The response for this particular series seems to be through the roof this season. Last I heard, it was one of the top ranking animes for this season... kinda unexpected but good nonetheless. Walked Akiba last weekend and not 1 Limited Editiong of the PSP game could be spotted XD

Not so good considering I have not gotten my copy yet T_T
Oh well, as a weekend treat, here is a mega dose of today's cards:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Let's go through the crime scenes and gather information together!”
Sherlock Shellingford シャーロック・シェリンフォード from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」
“You are the culprit!”
Clumsy detective, Sharo シャーロック・シェリンフォード from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」
Sharo: “Do you remember the first time we met? I was really happy...”
Head resting on Sherlock's lap シャーロックの膝枕 from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」

“Yes yes yes~! I want to do it, me too!”
Energetic Angeloid, Astraea アストレア from 「そらのおとしものf」
“It's not my fault”
Angeloid who can't be honest, Nymph ニンフ from 「そらのおとしものf」

★Victory Spark★
Class Representative, Haruna 西連寺春菜 from 「もっとToLoveる -とらぶる-」
“Come on! Say something too, Yuuki”
Momioka & Sawada 籾岡里紗&沢田未央 from 「もっとToLoveる -とらぶる-」

Before flashing the sword 斎藤一 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

Will try to post as much as I can next week... you guys do realize what major event is on, right??

No? It's Comiket 79, my friends! XD
3 days of pure delight with all the new releases and all!!
People from overseas who will be attending the event have begun their pilgrimage here and I will be meeting them sooner or later.
See you guys there!! Xp

Weiβ Schwarz Tournament in Germany! - 08/01/2011

Since the card game, Weiβ Schwarz are actually German words, I wonder how many readers here are from Germany... Xp
And is it really called Weiβ Schwarz over there as well? Or is it Schwarz Weiβ... XD

Anyway, I have received news that some players in Germany have decided to hold a tournament of their own during January next year(2011). It's still some time before the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair, so players in Germany might consider attending this event to get your WS fix before February.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday 8th January 2011

Location: Auenland
44139 Dortmund
Tel.: 0231 / 52 98 55
Fax: 0231 / 52 98 59
Email: mail@auenland.de

Participation fee: 8 € (At least 1 WS Booster for every participant)

Format: Standard Tournament

Registration time: 11-12 Uhr

More information (in german) here : http://www.tcg-zone.net/forum/thread.php?threadid=6240&sid

Here are 2 photos of the shop where the tournament will be held:
Shop Front

Looks like a big Duel Space!!


Sorry, guys, the forum is only in German... those who can't read are out of luck Xp

To players attending, please take lots of pictures and I might be able to highlight them once we return from the New Year Holidays! ^_^b
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