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Evangelion Themed Friday!

Yes, end of another week and start of a new month... there are more overseas trips coming up this month and next!! XD

Oh, and since it's a Friday, it's double card time for Weiβ Schwarz!!!
And there is a little extra at the end of the post which is Eva related as well for the Eva fans out there...

For the moment let's look at today's cards:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
Misato: “Commence Operation Yashima!”
G-type equipment, EVA-01 エヴァ初号機 from 「ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版」
Misato: “Positron Sniper Rifle standby!”
Operation Yashima ヤシマ作戦 from 「ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版」

“It's about time I left”
Boarder, Kunisaki Yukito 国崎往人 from 「Air」

★Victory Spark★
(*This illustration was used for the Giant Victory Spark Card Battle during Tokyo Game Show 2010. Actual card may vary from the card pictured above.)
“Defending shows tolerance, to give a name to the brilliance! Pixie Circle!”
Cheria Barnes シェリア・バーンズ from 「Tales of Graces f」

“See? This is what I wanted to show Shio...”
Night of fireflies 龍之介 from 「D.C. Girl's Symphony」

A souvenir from one of the colleagues who just came back from a business trip.
Just so happens that the EVA WS cards today were about 'Operation Yashima' Xp

But! I can safely assure you guys that the real 'Operation Yashima' has nothing to do with Cheese & Chocolate Cake... XD

Another Dream Party coming up

The latest news is in, there will be another Dream Party(ドリパ) taking place on 03/10/2010(Sunday). Long time readers of this blog will probably remember the coverage on the event a few months back...

For those who don't, well... here's a recap:

I'm not sure if I will have the time to attend the event, as I should be preparing for a business trip next week... Xp

For more details, please refer to the link: here

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
Sharo: “Kokoro-chan! Let's search for clues together!”
Kokoro: “Stop calling me Kokoro-chan~!”
Joint investigation, Kokoro&Sharo 明智小衣&シャーロック・シェリンフォード from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」

“A, a girl's inspiration...”
Likes fortune-telling, Fujibayashi Ryou 藤林椋 from 「Clannad」

★Victory Spark★
(*This illustration was used for the Giant Victory Spark Card Battle during Tokyo Game Show 2010. Actual card may vary from the card pictured above.)
“Let's deliver the delicious bread together”
Neris Fileam ネリス・フィリアム from 「Shining Hearts」

Aoi: “I would like to drink strawberry milk”
Shinomiya Aoi 四之宮蒼 from 「D.C. Girl's Symphony」

Ooh, and there are already reports on Milky Holmes in London Websites.
Please click on the picture below to visit the site:
Milky in TimeOuts
For fans of Milky Holmes in London, please take the opportunity to meet them in person at the event this Saturday! ^_^b

Milky Holmes trip to London! part 1

The cast of Milky Holmes left Japan yesterday, and Ms. Kuroda went along with them XD

I have already received a batch of photos from them this morning as soon as I sat down at my desk. Without further ado, here are some of the photos I have so far:

At the airport and ready for their adventure!

They seem very excited about the trip Xp

Touchdown at the airport! Seems like good weather there

Their first meal there... Wow, the salad looks big...

Just one question... why curry and nan when you travel all the way to London??? XD

Well, they will be appearing on stage soon and I hope to have more photos for you guys in the next few days. Stay tuned! ^_^

Busy Week ahead!

Hmmm... with Ms. Kuroda in London, that means I'm the only one left holding the fort for International Division... *o*

Oh, well. Guess I'll be even busier this week then... And I will also be going on a business trip next week as well... looks like October is going to be a busy time of the year again. ^_^b

As for today's cards, please take note of the card number for Victory Spark.
Notice the 'TGS' in front of the usual numbers? Yes, this was a card used in Tokyo Game Show for the Giant Victory Spark demo!

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I am Riesbyfe Stridberg. A shield knight who prays for my master and protects the weak”
Riesbyfe Stridberg リーズバイフェ・ソトリンドヴァリ from 「MELTY BLOOD」

“A-kun's chest... is very warm...”
Alluring Elder Sister, Mimasaka Koharu 美作小春 from 「鬼うた。」

★Victory Spark★
(*This illustration was used for the Giant Victory Spark Card Battle during Tokyo Game Show 2010. Actual card may vary from the card pictured above.)
Asbel Lhant アスベル・ラント from 「Tales of Graces f」

“That's not an emergency measure. What did your parents teach you when you were young”
Shinomiya Kei 四之宮渓 from 「D.C. Girl's Symphony」

One of my colleagues here in the office gave out some towels the other day, probably from one of the events that Bushiroad has supported recently:
Curious, I googled the name of the event... and all I can say is: Why wasn't I aware of this party!!!??? T_T

(For the reason, please google the words on the towel and you will understand why... XD)

Event held in Macau, Hong Kong (25/09/2010)

Woah, busy weekend for most players all over Asia XD

Here is a report all the way from Macaa, where a tournament was held with the support of American Sportswear Trading in Hong Kong.

There was a turnout of about 16 players that day and it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves ^_^b

Here are some photos from the event:

Preparing for the tournament!

More preparations...

The tournament begins Xp

The top 3 winners of the day

The traditional group photo XD

Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to the shop and American Sportswear Trading for hosting the tournament.

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