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Visitor from Hong Kong


Last Friday, we had a visitor from Hong Kong!

DK san (to the left in the pic, of course!)came to report HK-WS TEAM's activity in Hong Kong and tell us about the market.

He speaks Japanese very well:)

Thank you DK san for your visit, and thank you for the biscuits!

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Vol.33,34 HG3,4

Enjoy our 9th Sleeve Clollection which is going to be released on 27th Feb.





Rail-Gun "Kuroko" and Angel Beats! "Tenshi" are High Grade collection with special hologram. (not followed with PR cards)

Check here for more infomation!

Milky Homes!

I am happy to announce you that charisma blogger Dannychoo updated an article featuring our new year's party with Good Smile Company and COSPA.
Here you will find a lot of nice pictures of the party hall, and our new project Milky Homes’ Seiyuus:-)

Fancy Frontier

As I have introduced to you in the previous article, our VP Kurokawa in now visiting Taiwan for an event called “Fancy Frontier,” and market research.
Check out our Japanese Official Blog for his reports and pictures!

(In this Japanese web news site, you can see good pictures, too)

Well, it has been very cold in Tokyo recently…
I have heard that for the first time in 26 yrs, Tokyo had such successive snow days…

For me, who was born in the countryside which is surrounded by snowy mountains, and used to lived in Northern Europe for several yrs, it’s nothing, but
was surprised how urban transportations are weak to snows!

Many of the colleagues were late for the morning meeting yesterday because of the train delays yesterday.

Shop Tournament@ Rapid Culture

Sorry for being such late for introducing

Sorry for being such late for introducing to you, but here is a repot of the first Starter’s Deck tournament at Rapid Culture.

It was held at the end of January, and as many as 25 people came to join the event!

The player on the right (front) is still 14yrs old!
and he won 2 games out of 5….great!



Top 5 winners (from left to right):
5th Place - Chris
3rd place - Yue Feng
Winner - Louis
2nd place - Clarence
4th place - Justin

For more pics and report, visit here.

Join them next time, when you are interested!

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