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Disappointing??【AFA09 in Singapore Back Stage report】

When a Japanese is asked what the image of Singapore is, he/she would probably says "Mer-Lion."

Yet did you know that it is said "Mer-Lion" is counted as one of what they say "the Most disappointing tourist attraction in the world"?

Well, we went out into the city to see the Lion after AFA09 event----
and found the rumour was not true!


Litttle Lion


Well, for those who are interested to see the rest 2 tourist attractions-
Here are the pictures!


Mermaid in Denmark


Manneken-Pis in Belgium

Do you think the rumour is true or not...?

Weiss Schwarz November Shop Tournament in Hong Kong

An event report has arrived from Team WS Hong Kong!
(AFA09 reports continues further from the next article)

It was the 3rd event held by Team WS, but as many as 48 people joined to play WS.


Here are the top 3 winners-

1st Place:肥傑さん 魔界戰記 DECK
2nd Place: SOLAさん D.C. DECK
3rd Place: raymondさん shining force DECK

AFA09 Back Stage!

Now, all the Bushiroad members are back in cold Tokyo, but our office in somehow very hot...
It is just opposite from Singapore, where it is hot outside and cold inside.

Well, as I have been working on the AFA09 report for our company today, I would also like to share some more pictures from the event.
Let's start with the ones from our preparation day!


AFA boy saying "Mou Ikkai! Once again!"
I wonder what his real name is...
It says here the exhibition lasts till 9 in the evening, but in Japan, Komike, Game Show and most of the other hobby events close around 5 p.m.



Appearance of Suntec Hall


Bushiroad booth still in preparation.
It was out first time to join a exhibition in Singapore, but the staffs from Genesis Frontier/ The Card Geeks planned and worked hard to meet or requests.


Finished! (Mostly)


Showcase for the retail.
Long awaited Fate hollow/ataraxia could not be prepared in time for AFA09, but we put the poster to promote the new product.


Empty playing space.
(In Japan, we call it "Duel Space")


Special Event Stage for AFA09 guests!

Shop Tour

Now AFA09 is done, and today, we visited some shops which deal with TCGs.

The Card Geeks of course is a well-known "TCG" shop/ our official partner where you can buy most of our best selling TCG "Weiss Schwarz."
They are also plannig to promote ChaosTCG and Alice Cross!
Today, the shop was closed and we could see only many of cartons from AFA09 inside.
(Thus, there's no picture of the shop apperance,)


Rapid Culture, just opend their second shop with max. 24 playing space, is a new, but had got a range of TCGs and toys.


World of JJ is a rather small shop, but they have a various kind of TCGs.


AFA09 2nd Day!

Today, we had Stage show by our President CEO Kidani, Weiss Survive Seiyuus and WS players The Mash and Kitta !

It was thier first time to have a stage abroad, but we were happy to see so many people seemed to have enjoyed the event.

Here is the report from the 2nd Day!!


We changed the booth rayout today, to attract more visitors.
All the staffs from Genesis Frontier, our official partner kindly listned to all our requests and made a booth really a nice one!


The special set "THE iDOLM@STER"


Fate newly released extra booster cards!
They were not for sale, but coming soon in Singapore.


The retail space.


We saw many girls were looking at/ playing WS at the playing space.

The event report for the tournamnet and the stage photos will be coming soon, so please be looking forward to it.

Thenk you very much for all the members of Genesis!

We believe that it has been really meaningful to be able to join AFA09.

Hope to see you soon!

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