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Extra Pack "V.I.P. AQUAPLUS"


Extra Pack 「OS: VIP. AQUA PLUS」
19th September on SALE!!

【Product Overview】
6 cards/ Pack (4 plus 2 hologram ver. cards) 500yen
6 packs / Box 3000yen

※There are 36 types of cards.
※First print limited item

A.C.M.E Event in Singapore!

On 22nd August, a big comic event "A.C.M.E." was held in Singapore.
The event's goal was to experiene japanese "Comic Market" in Singapore, and our supporter hold a tournament and a workshop to promote WS to the A.C.M.E. visitors.

We have just received the event report and photos from Mr. Yong Han from the shop "The Card Geeks,", and would like to introduce how the event had been successful!!

WS Queue outside Event Site

WS Game Master Toh Jinrui

Retail booth

12 boxes of Little Busters! booster pack (240packs) was sold out in 5min!!


Players awaiting the start of the tournament

First prize winner (left) and Mr. Yong Han(right)

As many as 32 sheets prepared for the WS tournament became totally full just after the opening of the event, and the workshop booth was also crowded with people almost all the time.

Mr. Yong Han told us that they did not even have time for lunch...
yet we were reaally glad to hear the event's success, and hope to see more fans in AFA09, where we are visiting for WS promotion!

New Title from ChaosTCG ~19 September ON SALE!!~


A popular PC game bland "August" is going to join in Chaos TCG very soon!
Cute heroines from "Brighter than dawning blue," "Fotune Arterial" appears in the game.

【Starter's Deck OS: August1.00】

19th September ON SALE!!
-50 cards/ deck (1type) 1,300yen
-Rulesheet, Deck instruction, Rulebook, and Playmat are included
6 deck/Box

※The booster is coming in November!!

★VistitProduct info page for further infomation.

©August2001-2009 All rights reserved.

WS event in Hong Kong!!@ American Sportswear Trading, Co.

A new event report has arrived from the shop "American Sportswear Trading, Co" in Hong Kong!

【Date】Sunday, 23th August
【Place】American Sportswear Trading, Co.
Shop 163A, 1/F, Smiling Plaza, 155-181
Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Even though there was an big comic event "Comic World Hong Kong" on the same day, as many as 31 players gathered to play WS.


One of the event staffs told us that "IDOLM@STER" was very popular among the players.



Playing space was even outside the shop!!

We would like to support all the fans in other countries as well as Japanese players.
Feel free to give us eny comments or ideas, thank you!

8月23日、香港の九龍にあるカードゲームショップAmerican Sportswear Trading, Co.にてWSイベントが開かれました。

THE IDOLM@STERが大人気だったようで、Tシャツを着ている方、すでに8月22日発売のスリーブを持っている方が見受けられます。

Comic Worldという大規模なコミックイベントの開催日だったにもかかわらず、31人ものプレーヤー(19人の経験者と12人の新プレーヤー)が集まったとのことです。


Extra Pack Shin-Koihime-Musou/Tears to Tiara

2 of the new extra packs is going to be released on 27 August!


Extra Pack "Shin-Koihime-Musou Vol.1"

【Product Overview】
-6 Cards/Pack (4 cards plus 2 hologram ver. cards) 500yen
-1 Box (6 Packs) 3,000yen
-Card design...36 types
※Limited Production

★Cards with voice actoresses' printed signs are included!

曹操役 : 乃嶋架菜 (Sousou: Kana Nojima)
張飛役 : 芹園みや (Chouhi: Miya Serizono)
諸葛亮役 : 楠鈴音 (Shokatumei: Suzune Kusu)
周瑜役 : かわしまりの (Shuyu: Rino Kawashima)


Extra Pack "Tears to Tiara"

-6 Cards/Pack (4 cards plus 2 hologram ver. cards) 500yen
-1 Box (6 Packs) 3,000yen
-Card design...36 types
※Limited Production

★Newly drawn cards by the Anime Studio are included!
★Cards with voice actoresses' printed signs are included!

・リアンノン役:後藤邑子 (Tomoko Gotou)
・オクタヴィア役:田中理恵 (Rie Tanaka)
・リムリス役:小清水亜美 (Ami Koshimizu)
・エルミン役:清水愛 (Ai Shimizu)

"Extra Pack" is a bit more expensive than boosters, but includes more of rare cards.
(hologaram ver. or cards with signatures)
It is normally an limited edition, and is sold out quite soon!

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