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WS event in Hong Kong

Dear players in Hong Kong-

2 of our staffs are going to make a business trip to Hong Kong this weekend, and will visit the event held at American Sportwear Trading. Co on 1st August (Sat).

The WS event starts from 11:30, and we are looking forward to see many fans there.

See you soon!

Bushiroad TCG Station @ JR Akihabara Station

On 18th July, our first anntena shop "Bushiroad TCG Station" has opened in JR Akihabara station!


See flowers at the entrance?
It is our (japanese) culture to send a srand of flowers for the opening of a shop.


You know, "Akihabara" is the mecca of anime, manga, game and electrical appliances.
We hope to see a lot of TCG fans here in the station!


Wating for your visit!
(The first to the left is our CEO president Mr. Kidani.)

Premium Edition "Junjou Romantika【✝Alice✝】


An original illustration ver. of "Junjo romantica" TCG has now come up with special bonuses-

TCG Alice×Cross is the carg game made for all the girls (of course boys can enjoy it, too!), and easy rules and lovely illustrations have been attracting girls since its launching.
TCG Alice×Cross consists with "Junjo Romantica," "Togainu no chi," "Hiiro no Kakera."

New titiles will be relesed from this autumn, so please look foraward to our product info-update!

【Product Overview】

■Alice×Cross Premium Edition "Junjo Romantica"
■1pack 300JPY
■1BOX(10packs) 3,000JPY
■39 kinds including the cards with author's signature (hologram print)
■Pre-Sale at Comic Market 76!!


★★1 special playmat per BOX!!★★

Tokyo Toy Show 2009

From Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th, Bushiroad exhibited at Tokyo Toy Show 2009 held at one of the biggest exhibition hall in Tokyo, "Tokyo Big Site."


Locatig at the bay side, it is just next the Rainbow-Bridge, from which you can enjoy great night view of skyscrapers.
The building is amazing (diamond-shaped), but I know I am not a good photographer...


Bushiroad booth!
Our WS booth was espesially featuring "The Idol M@ster," "Sengoku BASARA," and "The King of Fighters."



Chaos booth featuring "Shin Koihime musou."


Sunday VS Magazine booth feeaturing "Detective Connan" and "Kindaich."


Alice×Crosse booth.


"Jewel Pet" TCG booth for kids.


Hall image.


The 4-days-runnig events had a lot of visiters, from business people to families.
People from all over the world visited our booth, and many played our TCG at the playing space.

We are also planning to exhibit at"Comic Market 2009 Summer," which is the biggest comic event in Japan (held also at "Tokyo Big Site").
If you are visiting during summer holiday, we reccomend you to visit the event!


Adrian and Lester, our young supporter in Malaysia!
Thanks to them (and also Ken in Japan) Kurokawa spent a fruitful day visiting Dai-Con (a comic/anime event in Malaysia) .

At the event, WS was always "sold out," and we felt the possiblity of our cards in Asia.
Thank you WS fans in Malaysia:)

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