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Dear all the Bushiroad CCG fans in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia-

we are pleased to annonce you that we are plannig to establish "mailing system" to
supply players with the latest and special infomation from Bushiroad.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, please send a e-mail to


We have not decided the precise services, but we will inform you when we are ready for
starting the system.

We are looking forward to your contact, thank you!

"Kara no Kyokai" Theatre Version Trading Card 2nd Edition


From "Kara no Kyokai"Theatre ver. Trading Card, long awaited 2nd edition si going to be
released on 27th August.

One pack is followed with one WS promotional card (7 kinds), and we promise the quality
of the illustration.

【Product Overview】

■27th August on Sale
■7cards&1PR card/pack (cards: 123variations made/ plastic)
■500 JPY (tax included)

(C) 奈須きのこ/講談社・アニプレックス・ノーツ・ufotable

2nd WS meeting in Hong Kong!


The 2nd WS meeting was held in Hong Kong on 28th, and in spite of the bad weather,
as many as 20 players gathered to play WS.

They are plannig to hold 2 events a month, please look forward to the next event.

ANIMANGAKI -WS meeting in Malaysia


A fresh event report has arrived from WS fans in Malaysia-
"ANIMANGAKI,"a Japanese subculture event was held in Sunway Colledge, Malaysia.

During this 2-days event, there came a lot of CCG fans for perticipating WS meeeting-


we are just pleased to see such many people play WS!


To our surprise, there were even 12-yrs-old girl in the meeting, and what' more, she we among
the top 8 players!
How cute she is in Japanese Kimono:)

Check here for more photoes and report.

We greatly appriciate all the comments and infomation from international WS players.
Feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

WS workshop and meeting in Korea

A Weiß Schwarz workshop and meeting are going to be held in Korea.

■WS Workshop

Address: B1, Mokma BLDG. 902-3, Sinjeong-4Dong,
Yangcheon-Gu, Seoul, 158-857, Rep. Of Korea

■WS Meeting
July 12th @ ILSAN

Feel free to join the meetings, and enjoy play ing WS!

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