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Do you like K-1?

…..Did you know that there was a K-1 fighter who’s good at cosplay??

Recently, a K-1 fighter 「長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎」whose we are officially sponsoring, has won the championship at the
K-1 Japan Final!!!

His entrance theme is always Anime/Game song, and he never fails to cosplay when he enters the hall!
(Of course he take these costumes off when entering the ring.)

For him who kindly visited our office after becoming the champion, we had small but lovely party at our radio station office!

Mr. Nagashima and Kidani, our president

We put the monitor at the end of the long table and showed the final game…..cool!

In Japan, we basically prepares such kind of decorated cakes to celebrate something.

Can you read the plate??^-^

Visitor from Hong Kong


Last Friday, we had a visitor from Hong Kong!

DK san (to the left in the pic, of course!)came to report HK-WS TEAM's activity in Hong Kong and tell us about the market.

He speaks Japanese very well:)

Thank you DK san for your visit, and thank you for the biscuits!

Visitors from Hong Kong


Yesterday, we welcomed visitors from Hong Kong!
Silver and Yip, who helped us a lot during our business trips there.
(Good player of WS!)

They had been visiting Japan, and came to our office on the final day of their stay.
We enjoyed Japanese lunch together:)

★From the left---★
Our VP, Silver, The Mash (official WS player), Yip, and me