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Hong Kong 1st Day!

Whew, finally made it to Hong Kong safely. The typhoon mentioned before didn't really affect the flight much. Strangely enough, it went to other regions instead of the predicted path...

It was a pretty warm afternoon when we arrived:
3 of us just off the plane at Hong Kong Airport

And we had a nice chat with some of the guys from Team HKWS who will be helping out at the WGP selections in Hong Kong tomorrow:
Ms. Tokui with a souvenir card signed by Team HKWS!! XD

For our Hong Kong players, good luck tomorrow and we will see you there! ^_^b

Milky Holmes trip to London! part 2

As promised, here are the photos from the stage event of Hyper Japan London 2010.

The girls had a great time and will probably be back in Japan soon. The stage event was held on Saturday around 2pm in the afternoon(London Time), and it was about 10pm here in Tokyo XD

The proceedings were broadcast live on nico nico video and seems like Milky Holmes was very well received in London as well ^_^b

Here are some photo highlights from the stage performance:

Our CEO, Mr. Kidani on stage introducing the girls from Milky Holmes(I like that hat!)

Start of the performance

A talk segment with Q&A session. On the right is Ms. Jill, the emcee and translator

Light sticks were given as a souvenir for the audience and they sure knew how to use them! XD

And lastly, a short photo session at the end of the performance

Time willing, I will try to post more on the event once I get some more photos. i will also be going on a short business trip later this week so I will post whenever I can during that period. Stay tuned for the next post!

Milky Holmes trip to London! part 1

The cast of Milky Holmes left Japan yesterday, and Ms. Kuroda went along with them XD

I have already received a batch of photos from them this morning as soon as I sat down at my desk. Without further ado, here are some of the photos I have so far:

At the airport and ready for their adventure!

They seem very excited about the trip Xp

Touchdown at the airport! Seems like good weather there

Their first meal there... Wow, the salad looks big...

Just one question... why curry and nan when you travel all the way to London??? XD

Well, they will be appearing on stage soon and I hope to have more photos for you guys in the next few days. Stay tuned! ^_^

Short visit to Shanghai

Well, before I leave for Comiket for the next few days, here is a photo report of the short trip to Shanghai last weekend.

Waiting for our flight to Shanghai

Finally reached! Not really crowded so we took our time getting to the hotel

Visited some shops, they were all very friendly and we took some photos together ^_^

Sales of single cards available in Shanghai as well

Weiβ Players!

Nice aprons XD

Crowded counter

And our main reason for the trip was to attend the Otaku Survey conducted on Saturday

I wish we had more time to walk around and look at more card shops, as well as talk to the players and listen to their feedback... but we didn't have much time this trip so I hope to be able to visit again in the near future. See you guys then! ^_^v

Short Visit to Taiwan!

Bushiroad CEO, Mr. Kidani and Chaos Producer, Mr. Murayama went to Taiwan last weekend for a short business trip last weekend and visited some shops there. Here are some photos from the trip:

A photo with the statue from the hotel they stayed in...


Basically not that different from card shops in Japan

Duel space. They visited on a weekday so there were not many players around in the photos

A photo with the shop owner. He is also a regular on this blog as well XD
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