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Our Exciting New English Blog!!!

Yes, after weeks of preparing and keeping this project hush hush, the new Bushiroad English Blog is now live and ready to go!!!


Look familiar to some of the readers out there?
That's because it actually uses the same engine as Danny Choo's Blog: Mirai Gaia!!

For a load of exciting new features, please be sure to update your bookmarks to:

See you guys at the new blog!!

Vanguard Official website OPEN!!

Kuroda here, long time no entry by me...
It's Sunday today, but I'm somehow in the office writing script for Bushi NAVI, which is going to be renewed from December airing.

Well, I've just received a notice from our web team that we have finally opend an official website of Vanguard!

This card game is made mainly for younger boys, but I am sure that WS or other card game players can also enjoy!
(I've seen card test-print card already, but they were so cool!)

Please make sure to catch up with the latest infomation:)

Milky Holmes on Crunchyroll!!

Yes, our very own anime has made it to the famous Crunchyroll video site.

For those new to the scene, CrunchyRoll is a site where you can watch anime series and drama series for a fee.


For more details, please refer to the main site:

It's great for our overseas viewers who can't get to watch on their local channels.

Or, there's always Nico Nico Douga but I believe their video quality is not as high... you be the judge XD

Chaos for English Players!

Here is another English translation fan site for one of Bushiroad's trading card games, Chaos!

This site is also brought to you by an affiliate of http://ws.nk-ds.org/, who does a lot of work on promoting Weiβ Schwarz to the English speaking community.

Click Here!

Following Victory Spark, there are more players out there who are picking up our card games. Most likely due to the inclusion of their favourite series to the game. Will we see a AlicexCross fan translation site soon XD

Victory Spark for English Players!

Wow, some guys in Singapore are working hard at promoting Victory Spark to our non-Japanese speaking players!

They have started translating cards from both Sunday VS Magazine and Victory Spark to English to benefit those players who might have some trouble with the effects written in Japanese. Those interested in playing the game but have been troubled by the language barrier so far can click here to take a look at their efforts ^_^

I hope this will 'spark' more players to take up this very interesting card game.

A big thanks to the guys for their effort!
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