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TeamWS Hong Kong Teaching Event on 15/01/2011

Seem like the guys from HKWS Team had a great turnout last week when they held a teaching session for new players of Weiβ Schwarz over in Hong Kong! They managed to get 2 classrooms in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and had both lectures and tutorial sessions. Lecture session to introduce the game to interested players, and tutorial sessions to go into details of the game.

From their feedback, it seems that almost 120 beginners turned up for the sessions! It was beyond their expectations so the team had to split the lecture session into 3 seperate classes. Even then, some of the players had to stand for most parts of the lecture.

Let's take a look at some of the photos from that day:

Ifrict, our head lecturer for the day XD
Not only does he introduce the game, from the slides it seemed like he was introducing the history of our company as well ^_^b

The classes were so full, some of the students had to stand in the corners.
Sorry, guys... T_T

I wonder if the same people are so attentive in their regular classes XD
Oh, and what were the 2 guys doing on the left of this photo??
Come on, this is a WS lecture, not AlicexCross... O_o

There were more students waiting outside to attend the lecture... looks like you could be a great lecturer in the future, Ifrict Xp

Here's a photo from the other classroom, where tutorial sessions went on the entire day.

This is a great way for the beginners to pick up the game. Nothing like playing the game first hand to remember the rules.

At certain points where there were too many students, some of the staff on that day had to teach 3~4 students at 1 go...

Seems like it was a great day for the players in Hong Kong to learn more about WS. And a great thanks to the Team for holding this session. Now, if only some girls turned up for the event... oh well, there's always next time! XD

Report of Weiβ Schwarz Special Tournament in Germany! (08/01/2011)

As promised before the New Year Holidays, here is the report on Germany's Special Official Tournament. There were 12 participants for the tournament that day and a few others came to learn more about Weiβ Schwarz.

Here are some of the photo highlights from that tournament:

Before the tournament starts... quit horsing around, you guys XD

They have a female participant in the very 1st tournament?! Some shops have yet to attain that level... Xp

Serious player!... wait, all that love for Angel Beats but Mio sleeves...

New players getting a feel of the game with some trial decks

Ooh, the top 4 players facing off in the finals

A better view of our top 4 players that day posing for the camera
Congratulations, guys!
From left to right: Fujiwara(3rd place), Unearthly(1st place), Soji(4th place) and Bobafetz(2nd place)

And the usual group photo before the end of the day

Looks like they had a lot of fun.
Big thanks to Mr. Nowak from Auenland and and Hikari for organizing the Special New Year's Tournament.

Event report from American Sportswear Trading(Hong Kong) - 19/12/2010

Here's a report on the Evangelion Title Cup held in Hong Kong - American Sportswear Trading last weekend on the 19/12/2010.

looks like a pretty good turnout again with more players than they can house over there XD

Here are a few photos from that day:

Start of the tournament

Serious faces as usual... XD

Players overflow to the corridors

A bit messy when they are moving around... Xp

And the Top 3 players for the day
From left to right: 1st runner-up, champion, 2nd runner-up

A big tahnks to American Sportswear Trading for organizing the tournament and congratulations to the winners for the day. ^_^b

World Grand Prix 2010

As promised earlier, here is the post on the World Grand Prix which took place on 12/12/2010 in UDX Akiba Square!

I was pretty much running all over the place looking after the overseas players and the guests who came along with them. Here are some of the pictures I managed to snap along the way. My apologies for the quality as I only had an iPhone on me at the time XD

Cold morning in Akiba, about 7~9 degrees celcius if I remember correctly Xp

Despite the cold weather, the players are all gathering outside, waiting to be let loose... XD

Friendly smiles before the tournament. From experience, they will soon turn into serious expressions once the matches begin. Featured here are the players from overseas. From left to right: Mr. Foo Weng Fai(Malaysia), Mr. Koh Kai Che(Singapore), Mr. Yueng King Lam Felix(Hong Kong), and Mr. She Wei Hao(Taiwan)

The Mash and Ms. Terakawa were the emcees for the event. Mr. Kidani, our CEO made his appearance and brought with him the Milky Holmes seiyuus!

Our Head Judge of the day, Mr. Horii briefing the players before the 'festivities' begin

2 other guests were present, Ms. Hanazawa Kana and Ms. Kuribayashi Minami. Everybody stood up when the National Anthem was sung by Ms. Kuribayashi

Great crowd and they were organized into their respective playing zones in a matter of moments

There was no shortage of spectators either as all of them were engrossed in the games

The winners for the Trio Survival Black/White team battle

Top 4 players from Sunday vs Magazine

Top 4 players for Victory Spark

Top 4 players for Chaos

And last but not least, the Top 4 players for Weiβ Schwarz

At the end of the day, there was still the Milky Holmes Cup! Players were divided into teams and played as many players as they could within the hour to determine the winning team XD

Whew, it was a pretty hectic day, with Mr. Danny Choo stopping by for a bit of filming... Culture Japan maybe? Oh well, keep a lookout, there could be a mention of the WGP in one of the upcoming episodes ^_^b

Tournament Report from Australia (20/11/2010)

Wow, 1 of the first official tournament reports from Australia!

As some of the loyal readers might recall, Australia has been trying out some tournaments and hoping that more players will pick up the game over there. They have made great progress and the number of Weiβ Schwarz players seems to have reached a point where regular tournaments are possible XD

Here are some photo highlights from the day's event:

Start of the tournament, serious mood as usual XD

Custom playmat... trying to impress tha ladies, I see... Xp

Group photo, great turnout!

And the top 4 players for the day(from left to right):
Serger(4th place), Geoff(3rd place), Dinrh(1st place!), Evan(2nd place)

Congratulations to the winners and a special thanks to Ozanimart for organizing the tournament.
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