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Cardfight!! Vanguard Teaching Sessions!

Yes, folks. I have just received information that there will be Vanguard Tutorial sessions held over the 2 weekends in Singapore!
Players will be able to learn and try the card game: Cardfight!! Vanguard
for themselves at the following dates and venues-

19/02/2011(Saturday) - Rapid Culture (starts at 13:30)

20/02/2011(Sunday) - Kurocha (starts at 18:00)

24/02/2011(Thursday) - Excel CS (starts at 15:00)

26/02/2011(Saturday) - Aniplay (starts at 14:00)

Nothing extra is required, just bring yourself to the above mentioned locations before the time stated and take part in the sessions.

Before we go, let's take a look at some photos from a tutorial session held last weekend(11/02/2011) in Malaysia after their WS tournament:

Our new CEO of Bushiroad South East Asia, Mr. Goto having loads of fun teaching Vanguard to the eager new players

Everyone is so enthusiastic about the card game!

"My Vanguard shall attack next!"

Quite a few familiar faces... I wonder if there will be a WGP for Vanguard this year?

Starlight Unicorn!... Colourful, isn't it? XD

A big thanks to DNA Trading in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for providing the location and hosting the session.

Merry Xmas

Kuroda here, hope you are having a lovely Christmas...:)
We are going to have a small(?) party with Bushi-Navi radio members on 25th!!

Well, if you have time during Christmas, there is a good entertainment you can join at warm, sweet home-

Nicovideo Musical "Christmas Carol"

This is an arranged version of world famous Christmas story “Christmas Carol” by Dickens, and our Milky Holmes voice actress Suzuko Mimori plays a role of a grandchild of Scrooge!
(She is originally a stage actress)
You can buy a Nico-Live ticket at 1,000pt(1pt=1JPY), and enjoy the live movie with other audiences’ funny comments ;-)

On Wednesday, I went to see the full-dressed rehearsal in Ginza (The theatre was at the top floor of one of the most popular toy department in Tokyo),
and enjoyed the play a lot!
(sooo funny and a bit? touching)

and on the way back…

Somebody had placed a kitten and her mother on the street sign…
This sign is actually is taller than me(163cm).

Lovely Christmas gift, isn’t it?

Hope these cats went home safely!

Weiβ Schwarz Tournament in Germany! - 08/01/2011

Since the card game, Weiβ Schwarz are actually German words, I wonder how many readers here are from Germany... Xp
And is it really called Weiβ Schwarz over there as well? Or is it Schwarz Weiβ... XD

Anyway, I have received news that some players in Germany have decided to hold a tournament of their own during January next year(2011). It's still some time before the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair, so players in Germany might consider attending this event to get your WS fix before February.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday 8th January 2011

Location: Auenland
44139 Dortmund
Tel.: 0231 / 52 98 55
Fax: 0231 / 52 98 59
Email: mail@auenland.de

Participation fee: 8 € (At least 1 WS Booster for every participant)

Format: Standard Tournament

Registration time: 11-12 Uhr

More information (in german) here : http://www.tcg-zone.net/forum/thread.php?threadid=6240&sid

Here are 2 photos of the shop where the tournament will be held:
Shop Front

Looks like a big Duel Space!!


Sorry, guys, the forum is only in German... those who can't read are out of luck Xp

To players attending, please take lots of pictures and I might be able to highlight them once we return from the New Year Holidays! ^_^b

Vanguard Press Conference on Nico Nico!

Yes, the conference will be broadcast live later!

Start: 13:30*, 17/12/2010

Please follow this link to catch it live in Japan:

*Please take note of the time as it is Japan local time.

Weiβ Schwarz Workshop in California! (27/11/2010)

The details of the next Weiβ Schwarz workshop session has been fixed! Please refer to the message from Mr. Akimoto for more specifics regarding the event:

Hi everyone!

Thank you very much for joining 2nd Weiss Schwarz Workshop last weekend. I hope you enjoyed a lot!

We are now planning another meet-up on Saturday, November 27 because we could not provide 3 new trial decks (Evangelion, Melty Blood, and Milky Holmes), and Disgaea English trial deck due to delay of shipping. (This may be our last meeting in this year, hosted by Yusuke and Desu-Nation)

For attending players, we will provide PR card (Akiha from MeltyBlood).
Trial deck price will be $16 and you will get 1 PR pack as well!

We also take orders for any booster boxes, card supplies, and exchanging lucky sticker campaign because We go to Japan in this winter.

Please give us your ideas or concerns!

We will update any new information!

Meet up for Weiss Schwarz Community
Date: 11/27/10 (SAT) 2PM-7PM
Place: Tea Station
18558 Gale Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748
Tel: (626)913-7450
Entry Fee: Free
Parking Fee: Free
*You may have to order at least $8.

Contact Info:
Workshop Organizer
Yusuke Akimoto

Workshop Lead Assistant
Terry Chan

Thank you for your time!


Please feel free to contact the organizers should you have any further enquiries.

Most importantly, have fun! ^_^
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