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Our VP going to Singapore

Since 5th March, a WS promoting event has been held at Takashimaya Singapore.
(untill 17th)
Our VP has just visited there to see the event and also for market reserch.

Enjoy his journal here (good practice for you who is learning Japanese…!)

A report of "THE IDOLM@STER" cup held on 12th and 13th September has just arrived from Singapore!

The 2-days running event was held by The Card Geeks, an official WS supporter in Singapore.
Unfotunately, there is no photo this time, but they have given us an excellent report!

The participants per day is limited to 16 people, and they have played WS with point-scoring system.

9/12 Kua Chuan Huat, using Takane beatdown multipurpose deck
9/13 Terrence Lim, using a modified Trial Deck

Even though the number of attendants were not so large, Yong Han, the event host told us that the tournaments were a great success, and attracted all the players.

He told me that all 32 boxes of "THE IDOLM@STER" boosters he prepared for the events were sold out during these 2 days!

They are going to hold events in October as well, so I will update the schedule very soon!

Ani-Com 2009


Before noon, it was already difficult to walk...
The end of the long queue was invisible, seemed to be across the bridge near the hall!



You know who they are...


Event Stage




I liked this personaly.


Casplay goods.
I do not know why, but the japanese sword (fake, of course) was selling very well!


Adrian and Lester, our young supporter in Malaysia!
Thanks to them (and also Ken in Japan) Kurokawa spent a fruitful day visiting Dai-Con (a comic/anime event in Malaysia) .

At the event, WS was always "sold out," and we felt the possiblity of our cards in Asia.
Thank you WS fans in Malaysia:)

Arrival in Malaysia


Bushiroad's first visit to Malaysia!