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Our Exciting New English Blog!!!

Yes, after weeks of preparing and keeping this project hush hush, the new Bushiroad English Blog is now live and ready to go!!!


Look familiar to some of the readers out there?
That's because it actually uses the same engine as Danny Choo's Blog: Mirai Gaia!!

For a load of exciting new features, please be sure to update your bookmarks to:

See you guys at the new blog!!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Teaching Sessions!

Yes, folks. I have just received information that there will be Vanguard Tutorial sessions held over the 2 weekends in Singapore!
Players will be able to learn and try the card game: Cardfight!! Vanguard
for themselves at the following dates and venues-

19/02/2011(Saturday) - Rapid Culture (starts at 13:30)

20/02/2011(Sunday) - Kurocha (starts at 18:00)

24/02/2011(Thursday) - Excel CS (starts at 15:00)

26/02/2011(Saturday) - Aniplay (starts at 14:00)

Nothing extra is required, just bring yourself to the above mentioned locations before the time stated and take part in the sessions.

Before we go, let's take a look at some photos from a tutorial session held last weekend(11/02/2011) in Malaysia after their WS tournament:

Our new CEO of Bushiroad South East Asia, Mr. Goto having loads of fun teaching Vanguard to the eager new players

Everyone is so enthusiastic about the card game!

"My Vanguard shall attack next!"

Quite a few familiar faces... I wonder if there will be a WGP for Vanguard this year?

Starlight Unicorn!... Colourful, isn't it? XD

A big thanks to DNA Trading in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for providing the location and hosting the session.

Bushiroad Card Game Live 2011

Before we look at the cards for today, let's take a peek at the latest event coming up for Bushiroad.

Yes, I am talking about the Bushiroad Card Game Live taking place on 27/02/2011 at Pacifico Yokohama!
Please click on the banner below for more details:

And like any live event, there will be plenty of live goods on sale as well. Do keep a lookout on this blog for more details.

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I have no intentions of being on good terms with you”
Fortis 931, Stiyl ステイル・マグナス from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」

“Good job, Rio. You really are the Victory Goddess”“Goddess”
Howard Resort Bunny Girls, El Adams & Il Adams エル・アダムス&イル・アダムス from 「Rio RainbowGate!」

★Victory Spark★
“I'll be fine, as long as you are with me”
“The one who holds the key to my heart, is you...”
Maiden of Rainbow Moon, Kaguya カグヤ from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“Here we go! Diablo Trans!”
Dragon Knight, Aleph ドラゴンナイト アリフ

Okita: “Saitou, you sure work fast in times like these”
Two warriors 沖田総司 from 「薄桜鬼」

Oh, before I end this post, just wanted to share the following link:
Mr. Kidani's twitter page
There may be a chance that new products will be hinted here? XD

Aftermath of Valentine's Day

Shouldn't have had all those chocolates *burp*...
still smells like a chocolate factory around here... or could it be just me XD

Right, I swear Valentine's day and White day are conspiracies from chocolate makers... and sfter they read this post, they will be hunting me down soon...

While I duck out of sight, let's take a look at the cards for today:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Anything, right? Okay”
Unlosable battle, Mikoto 御坂美琴 from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」

“Thank you, kind older sister”
Howard Resort Mr. Clark's granddaughter, Mint Clark ミント・クラーク from 「Rio RainbowGate!」

★Victory Spark★
“It's really a great feeling to climb on top of high places and look down upon the world~!”
Phantom cat girl, Shaomei リン・シャオメイ from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“Is the weapon you dropped in the lake this copper sword? Or could it be this legendary holy sword?”
Lake Maiden, Lien 湖の巫女 リアン

“- hey, hey, it's alright. It won't bite~, It's not scary~”
Seitei's Nanatsu Gorou Ichi 草薙一 from 「Vitamin X」

Oh, one particular chocolate I got which I really liked was from Bushiroad's own in-house illustrator and manga artist: Ms. Nishi Asuka!

Why? Have a look for yourself:
Shiyokolate?! Naming needs work... No! I'm just kidding XD
Really cute package, designed and drawn by Ms. Nishi herself.

The biggest treat was when we opened the package, revealing 3 chiroru chocolates inside!
All drawn by her as well!
Cute, isn't it?? XD

Valentine Day today XD

Yes, it is St. Valentines day throughout the world today!
Have you hugged you loved ones/cards today... XD

Seriously, people all over the world have different ways to celebrate the day. In some countries, the boys will give their favourite girls flowers, even mother get one too from their children in some places.

In Japan, the situation is a little different as it the girls who give the guys... yes, you've guessed it, chocolate. First Valentines day in Japan for me, so it is a bit odd to be getting chocolates from a few of my colleagues here in the office.

Next month: White Day XD

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I have done lots of work so I'm asking for my just rewards!”
Silver hair blue-eyed sister インデックス from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」

“How about a bet?”
Howard Resort star dealer, Rio Rollins リオ・ロリンズ・タチバナ from 「Rio RainbowGate!」

★Victory Spark★
“I have come to this world... just to meet you”
Wanderer, Rick リック・エルウッド from 「Shining Hearts」
“Leave the support to me!”
Aiming for the heart, Neris ネリス・フィリアム from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“That crime warrants a thousand deaths!”
Knight of Conviction, Bors 断罪の騎士 ボールス
“The way of the Knight will never be swayed as long as the Flash Shield is present”
Flash Shield, Isolde 閃光の盾 イゾルデ

Beautiful in kimono 雪村千鶴 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

Oh, if you are wondering what White Day is, it's time(14th of March) for the boys to give chocolates or gifts back to the girls who gave him chocolates... and if the chocolate was the 'real deal' in the first place... XD
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